Our Mission

Our mission is to build community through providing group fitness classes that are fun and energetic, yet 100% safe and socially distanced. With all of the curveballs that this year has thrown at us, we felt the need to create a new avenue of group exercise. We are here to listen, be flexible, and to grow based on the wants and needs of our members.



Hi friends, my name is Cierra. I am a local fitness coach and Lululemon ambassador. I was in the first graduating class of the Fitness Wellness program at NAU back in 2014! After earning my Bachelor of Science, I taught all kinds of fitness classes, from general fitness to Pilates to Orangetheory Fitness. I even owned my own bootcamp business in Asheville, NC out of a cute little running shop, but cycle was my first love. I started taking cycle classes back in 2006, and taught my first class in 2012. Cycle is the reason that I pursued fitness as a career, and I am beyond excited to share this passion with our amazing community! My fiancé, Florian, has been on this fitness journey with me for 8 years, and he has been the driving force behind making my dreams come to fruition. Our main goal is to make Flagstaff our forever home and plant some roots, and what better way than to build community, especially now. 2020 has been especially challenging for the fitness world, so it’s time to think outside the box. I cannot wait to sweat with you!




Bonjour - Je m'appelle Florian! I studied English and Statistics at NAU and earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific University. With the statistics education, I’ve been the mechanical gears behind this project. I met Cierra in 2012 when she was my coach at a local gym in Flagstaff. I fell in love with her immediately, and it took me two years to convince her to go on a date with me. After the first date, we moved, as a couple, across the country together to Asheville. After traveling the world and moving several times, we heard the mountains calling, and moved back to Flagstaff! I proposed to her early in 2020, and we’re so excited to build our first independent business together.